MDA Game Designer Playthrough

I played League of Legends:

  • What were the game’s apparent design goals? Did it succeed at those goals? Why or why not?

It’s apparent design goals were to make a game with multiple champions to play as so you get bored with one champion you can play another. They made the menu hard to navigate through so that new players will learn it as they play and get used to the ui. The menu has everything you need to start out, it has your shop to buy champions and other items, also the purchase rp and gifting center are different color tabs then the other tabs so the paying players can find it easier. I feel like they did succeed in what they were going for.

  • What are the mechanics? What was the play experience? What is the relationship between the two? Did you find any strategies that were exploitable? Did the game seem well-balanced?

The game mechanics are a 3rd person over top view. You can click b to recall, and there is an icon you can click for the in match shop, you can click f to use summoner spell 1 and you can click for summoner spell 2. To attack you can right click for an enemy you can auto attack them, if you right click on the ground you can move there, if you left click something you can see its health bar, and if its an enemy champion you can see the items they have and or hp/mana or energy, rage or other bars they have.  You can click tab to see the scoreboard. You can click q to use your first skill, w for your second skill, e for your 3rd skill, and r for your ultimate. The play experience is pretty hard to get used to and learn, some champions have skill shots that they have to aim while other champs have aoe skills, or click to target skills. The play experience is really fun and enjoyable even thought the learning curve is hard to get down. The game experience and the mechanics work really good together because if you use a summoner spell called “flash” it allows you to teleport a few spaces forward, which could be use to teleport over a wall to get away from enemies. Some exploitable strategies is where you can use your flash then a move to do a combo that makes you flash then use the move which could surprise an opponent who isn’t expecting it. The game can not be well balanced, due to the fact that there are champions that are way stronger than other champions whether it be due to the lore, or due to the skills the game designers gave them. There are some champions whose skills really do not seem to work out, while other champions can press a few buttons and instantly kill you. There also is a thing called outplaying and its when someone who is most likely to win the fight ends up losing it because the enemy did something really unique and skillful to beat them.

  • What kinds of interesting decisions (and uninteresting ones) were you making throughout the game?

Some decisions I made were ones where i thought i could take out an enemy but it turns out another enemy was hiding in a bush and helped the enemy i was initially trying to kill, kill me. An interesting decision  I made was to use the person i was playing as, his ultimate which shoots magical energy across the map that you have to aim, which i shot at a bush and somehow killed someone. A reckless decision I made was I tried to face check a bush which means i walked into a bush without checking to see if it was safe or not. I decided to pick one champion over another because I did not feel like playing that champion for that match and I was in the mood for the other one. The reason being was because the other champion has a certain skill set that i was in the mood to play.

  • Name of the game and its publisher (this will help get you in the habit of giving credit where due. It will also ensure everyone references the same game).

League of Legends                                   Riot Games




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