Game Design Document (The Legend of Penquino)

  1. What is the general flavor of the game? You can make references to other games, movies, books, or any other media if your game contains similar characters, actions, or ideas. (The flavor of my game is squid, because that is what Penguino kills his enemies with.)
  2. What is the player’s role? Is the player pretending to be someone or something, and if so, what? Is there more than one? How does the player’s role help to define the gameplay?(The player’s role is to control the legendary Penguino to survive the penguin downfall. The player’s role helps to define the game play by doing different moves to survive enemy attacks and to retaliate with epic attacks.)
  3. Does the game have an avatar or other key character? Describe him/her/it.(Penguino is the key character, the main character. (Penguino looks like an ordinary Adelie penguin but he holds the Grand Red Squid)
  4. What is the nature of the gameplay, in general terms? What kinds of challenges will the player face? What kinds of actions will the player take to overcome them? (The gameplay is a slasher type game where you slash at your enemies with your GRS (Grand Red Squid). Some challenges the player may face is the boss fights. Some actions players will do to overcome these bosses are the special moves the GRS can use along with Penguino’s skill set.) 
  5. Does the game fall into an existing genre? If so, which one? (Action Adventure)
  6. What is the game’s setting? Where does it take place? (It is in the Antarctic)
  7. Will the game be broken into levels? What might be the victory condition for a typical level? (The game will be open world so there will not be levels, but there will be fights in which give you rewards.)
  8. Does the game have a narrative or story as it goes along? Summarize the plot in a sentence or two (The legendary Penguino is the only penguin strong enough to fight of the penguin downfall, his penguin friends are worthless and Penguino is the only decent penguin left in this world.)
  • Game Name: The Legend of Penguino
  • Game Logo:


  • Game Catch Phrase: I am Legend wait for it, oh wait you are dead never mind.
  • Genre: Action Adventure
  • Player Type: Killers
  • Game Play: Slash and Hack
  • Document Purpose: NA
  • Document Version: NA
  • Working Title: The Legend of Penguino
  • Game Concept: You are the only epic, skilled penguin fighter left in the Antarctic
  • Game Document Author: NA
  • Lead Artist: NA
  • Lead Designer: NA
  • Lead Programmer: NA
  • Lead Producer: NA
  • Game Elements: You can slash and kill your enemies, eat fish and dead enemy bodies to regain health
  • Game Content: You can destroy bosses
  • Theme: Fantasy
  • Style: Cartoony
  • Game Sequence: First you begin in the middle of an ice flow then you grab your GRS and kill everything in your way.
  • Player: 1

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